International Workshop
Performance Evaluation Issues in MultiLingual OCR

Call for Participation
Sunday, September 19, 1999 (before ICDAR '99)
Bangalore, India

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Technical Focus:

The workshop will explore evaluation methodologies for multilingual OCR systems. By `multilingual' we mean to include systems that are capable of reading more than one language in the same document, as well as one-language-per-document systems that can be easily retargeted to new languages. We hope to bring together researchers from many countries to discuss these and related topics:

Workshop Format:

This will be a one-day workshop for a maximum of 70 participants. Each participant will submit an extended abstract which will be distributed at the Workshop. All participants are expected to contribute to the discussions.
At the outset of the workshop, three volunteers will present brief, informal summaries of the

. Then we will split up into three working groups, focused on these topics, and proceed to discuss key issues, attempt to resolve questions, compile lists of resources, and draw up recommendations. Finally, in a plenary session, representatives of each group will present their recommendations and invite general discussion. There will be several opportunities for informal discussion and socializing.

After the workshop, the organizing committee will compile a Workshop Summary, based on the working group notes, and make it available on the Web. It is hoped that the workshop will stimulate cooperative follow-on activities that will accelerate the pace of research in multilingual document image analysis.

Extended Abstract Submission:

Each potential participant or group of participants should submit an extended abstract, electronically via E-mail (in plain ASCII), no later than April 30, 1999 to:

Tapas Kanungo
Center for Automation Research
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

The abstract should include the name, address, telephone, fax, and email address of the author(s). It should ordinarily be limited to six printed pages including references (no figures, please). Longer submissions may be admitted in special cases, e.g. for catalogues of resources. Accepted abstracts will be distributed at the Workshop and posted on the Workshop website.

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