Data Structures and Algorithms for Information Retrieval
Instructors: Tapas Kanungo and David Mount
Spring 2000

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Course Description

We will discuss various data structures and algorithms that are used in information retrieval systems. The emphasis will be on understanding the details of the algorithms, the data structures used, the space-time complexities. We will also attempt to propose alternate algorithms that are more efficient than the ones used in the literature.

Student Participation

Students are responsible for carrying out the following activities.

Potential Topics

The following list is intended to serve as a starting point for ideas for topics. Feel free to suggest others that you think may be interesting and appropriate. Inverted files, lexical analysis and stop lists, stemming algorithms; string searching algorithms; clustering algorithms; kd trees, nearest neighbor searching; singular value decomposition/latent semantic indexing; probabilistic searching; hidden Markov models (HMMs) and HMM-based searching; searching scanned documents, photographs, video and speech; searching in the compressed domain.

Research Resources


Grades will be based on the presentation and class participation. This is a 2-credit seminar. However, if a student is interested in doing a project he/she can earn 3 credits. Please contact one of the coordinators to discuss possible projects.

Contact Information

Name Office Phone Email
Tapas Kanungo AVW 4449 301-405-0125
David Mount AVW 3209 301-405-2704

Meeting Time and Place

Day Time Room
Tuesday 3:30- 5:30 AVW 4406

Presentation Schedule and Slides

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