Autonomic Computing Principles

Fall, 2002
IBM Internal Seminar
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There are many areas of research that can be said to have an "autonomic'' component. Computer operating systems is one. Fault tolerant computing in multiprocessor environments is another. The area of feedback control systems, which is the theory underlying all automatic guidance systems, is yet another. Some of these methods go across the traditional CS/EE/ME boundaries and perhaps are not familiar to all.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary meeting/seminar/workshop is to

Specific topics could include but are not limited to: process scheduling algorithms for maximizing/maximizing some criteria; queueing models of workloads; algorithms used in distributed fault tolerant/self healing; state-space modeling of feedback control systems; stability of feedback control systems; monitoring and control of network traffic; issues with setting and using policy; dynamic optimization in databases; quantitative methodologies for evaluating performance, ease of use, stability of such autonomic systems; various case studies; design simulation; etc.


The general agenda is that we will first meet and collect information regarding what topics would be good to consider in detail. Then participants choose topics/papers/ book chapters to present. This will be a weekly meeting/seminar. I would prefer to have this to be a two hour meeting with one person responsible for each meeting. About 12-15 talks should take us to the end of this year; 5-6 have already expressed interest in talking at the seminar.


Please register below if your interested in participating. Let me know if you would like to present or sit in, and what you would be interested in presenting (if applicable).

An organizational/brainstorming meeting to discuss the possible seminar topics and speakers, convinient seminar dates and times, etc. will be held on
Date: Friday, 6th September
Time: 11-12 am
Place: J2-312


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Tapas Kanungo
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